20/06/2013 10:23

Google Search May Be Updating...

Jun 19, 2013 • 9:03 amGoogle Update

There is a lot of new chatter in the WebmasterWorldforums, along with random threads at other forums including Google Webmaster Help about Google's search results shifting around and some webmasters claiming huge declines in referrals from Google starting around 8pm EDT last night.

Some are hoping it was just an Analytics issue but looking at the reports throughout the day and this morning, it seems like it wasn't.

One webmaster said:

Another 50% drop from what has left till yesterday. That is now 25% left from pre-panda/penguin. Serps itself look quiet spammy like normal.

Another said:

Seeing 10-15% drop here. Pretty much all of our Google traffic is gone. Direct only now.

We know we are waiting for Google to slowly push out a softer Panda update but would softer result in more complaints or less complaints?


Last time we reported a shift without Google confirmation was on June 5th and there are still many sites who have seen huge drops on that date, despite Google not confirming anything.




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